Green Tea Frappes

For many years, the Frappe name has been synonymous with good tasting coffee. This popular drink was first created in Copenhagen, Denmark, in the year 1895. From the very beginning, Frappes were crafted in a way that the taste stayed in the forefront of the customer’s mind. Today, a few things have changed since the beginning of the Frappes.

There are now Frappes that use either milk or green-tea. Because of this, many people are drawn to the organic version. In the past, the only choice was milk or green-tea.

Sometimes both kinds of coffee are used in the Frappes. The Green-tea is generally softer and sweeter, while the milk contains more bitter tannins. Some people still prefer using the milk version of the Frappes. They feel it offers a better balance between the bitter and sweet tastes.

Many people choose their Frappes to be topped with whipped cream, or a dark chocolate flavor. Most people just like the cool beverage itself. Some experts say that the higher level of caffeine may contribute to the warming effect that some people find when they take a sip of this warm drink. Others say that the presence of cream will make the caffeine more palatable. But whichever way you look at it, there is no denying that everyone enjoys the taste of Frappes.

The original Frappes, even the creamy green tea version, did not use caffeine. They also did not have cream. However, with the passing of time, the popularity of Frappes began to grow. People began to associate the creamy milk with the flavor of Frappes. Although the milk and green-tea combinations are available, most people prefer the cream base.

No matter which combination you choose, the Green-tea version will always be better than the creamy, cream-based version. In fact, the creamy milk is almost universally preferred. There are some who prefer to use cream, but avoid the strong flavor of the cream. Many people don’t enjoy the taste of cream and a strong caffeine taste in the same mouthful.

A real bonus about using the green-tea Frappes is that the sweet taste actually builds on the strong caffeine and taste. The caffeine disappears as you drink more of the beverage. Because of this, there is no need to forego coffee for a Frappe. The best part is that you can have the caffeine content you crave without having to put on weight!

If you are craving the caffeine content, you can use vanilla and you have an alternative to the regular Frappes. You can order this blend online, too. You may have to pay a little extra for this blend, but you’ll be getting a delightful cup of coffee. It is just as delicious as the regular Frappes, but without all the calories.

A bonus about using the Green-tea Frappes is that you can customize the flavor by adding a whole roasted bean to the mixture. When whole beans are added, the beverage becomes richer and fuller. The rich taste is perfect for the coffee lover who prefers a darker cup of coffee. If you would like a lighter cup or want a stronger flavor, you can keep the whole roasted bean in the mix.

The Green-tea Frappes is also very customizable. If you want your drink to be darker, you can add more sugar. If you want a lighter drink, you can add more milk. Whatever you want, if you add the whole roasted bean to the Frappes, you’ll have the perfect product to satisfy your cravings.

The Green-tea Frappes is a great drink to enjoy while you’re on the go. They are so delicious that even if you are working on a presentation, you will want to save them for that special event.

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